Trisdešimtmetė stiuardesė Lissette Arroyo persikėlė gyventi į 14 kv. metrų būstą-priekabą. Merginai teko išmesti 600-700 rūbų, tam, kad užtektų vietos kitiems jos daiktams.

Atsikračiusi 90 procentų savo rūbų, mergina jaučiasi be galo laiminga galėdama gyventi savo svajonių namelyje. Šiuo metu Lissette turi 10 porų batų, 10 viršutinių drabužių, 9 sukneles, 4 kelnes, 7 sijonus, 3 švarkus ir keletą rankinių bei aksesuarų.

Let me share something about myself… I’ve been on this super long journey For a while I havent been able to really  Truly understand  This whole I guess  One calls it „adjusting“ I am unsure if I have been running away  Or just going where the road  Turns and hoping maybe  There’s an end For so long I’ve been that loner That one, you know, where she tries to blend Every opportunity to be in a group of friends Each time the groups just knows She, I mean I just don’t fit in Sometimes I just notice well  How lonely  This gets Maybe this over exposure thing  Is just such an overbearing  Feeling Of wanting and seeking  Something maybe love I dont know solving all the mysteries? You see  I left CT a year after my ex moved  To an other city He was the first man I have ever lived with After that I got a new job and fled So many unsuccessful dating stories To fill up my time and now this thread I want to point out my brothers death Has made my view point so Vastly Different I mean, I see how short this life is Instead of staying  My fleeing to different cities is how I can say „Hey I am actually living“ This long journey has led me to this point This point where I Question and wonder „Am I really doing the right thing?“ Sometimes I just can’t seem to  Get this idea  About myself I’m not like them  I’m just strange and awkward I guess thats sums me up Just so odd and  Sometimes Just so unbothered Maybe only maybe I wonder This little thing about me You know, this part that I’m sharing with you Is how afraid I am Not knowing  Wanting That security one wishes to have The one I truly think it’s Such an illusion to think one  Can even grasp So I will just end this by saying This long journey I’m still going No matter how hard it has gotten There’s no way I’m turning back Unless there’s a road I have yet to take Aside from that I want you to know These feelings come and go What I am sharing  I hope is  We by that I mean You and me Are one in the same -Lissette

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„Dabar mano spintoje, tik mėgstamiausi apdarai. Tokių rūbų, kuriuos „galbūt kažkada užsidėsiu“ arba „dėl visa pikta pasiliksiu“ pas mane nėra. Vis dar randu nereikalingų daiktų, tačiau jau padariau nemažą progresą“, – sako mergina.

Lissette teigia, kad nemaža dalis spintos ir lentynų yra tuščios, nes mergina jas laiko ypatingiems daiktams (tokiems kaip snieglentė), kuriuos planuoja įsigyti ateityje.

I can’t figure out a good sentence to summarize this pose…I hope someone comments below with some good ones. · Here we see the subject holding on to dear life while doing the duck kissy face and hoping to not fall. If you look in the feed and find the posed pictures you have now seen the before. 😄 · I have to state some days are definitely better than others especially those days without clumsiness occurring…. I kid you not, I spill, walk into things, make unnecessary messes, walk out with an extra pair of underwear sticking out my pant leg(long story), break things and lastly fall. Someone once told me I should dance everywhere since I am coordinated on the dance floor yet in real life is questionable. · So start the weekend off without falling and if you do I hope you fall: · In the right place at the right time · Into the moment · Deeply and madly in love. · ❤

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Šiuo metu merginos namuose yra du miegamieji, po vieną abejose priekabos pusėse, virtuvė, nedidelė svetainė ir vonios kambarys. Lissette turi užtektinai vietos skalbimo mašinai, šaldytuvui, kriauklei, viryklei.

Mergina net atlieka jogos pratimus būdama savo lovoje.

Dirbant tokį darbą, Lessette daug laiko praleidžia būdama toli nuo namų, todėl nemato tikslo turėti didelio būsto, už kurį reikėtų mokėti milžiniškus mokesčius.

Having a bit of coffee before I head off to Paris… I want to share with you all of the series of unfortunate events that have happened to me. I have had issues with my house since I got it so its been a constant stress factor. I somehow managed to loose my memory card from my cell phone in Portland, Oregon. (long story) Once I got back to Florida my phone screen cracked, oh but of course. As I drove over to t mobile I realized my car windshield has a huge crack from one end to the other. I then tried to shoot my own pictures and doing so my tripod fell off my stairs breaking my lens. A glass fell on my head and spilled all over the table on my birthday celebration dinner. Leading up to waking up with a cold right as I leave for Paris. I realized yes it sucks when things happen back to back, which I’m sure all of you can agree with… As they say when it rains it pours. Everything that I stated are things that are easily replaceable and have a simple dollar value…well except the memory card. These so called issues or problems I have had are truly miniscule in the grander scheme of my existence on this earth. Let life test you…let the universe show you signs of how strong you are. This life is a good life regardless and when you are having a bad day or weeks remember there are people out there with much worst issues.❤

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